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The Best 5 Jigsaw of 2022 Review: Pick Your Jigsaw Wisely


Finding the best jigsaw provides a wide variety of benefits for DIYers. That is why here we have taken into account the best options that are included in the best jigsaw reviews. So, if you need to find the best cordless jigsaw here you will be able to purchase the most convenient option.

However, some people who are DIY enthusiasts already have an advanced professional level in many projects. All of them will have the ability to acquire the best professional jigsaw by reading the options below. In the same vein, you do not need a lot of money either, as it is possible to find the best budget jigsaw here.

Best Jigsaw in 2022

RankImageProduct NamePowerPrice

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS334B)20V$$$

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)120V, 5.0-Amp$$

Makita XVJ03 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw Kit (3.0Ah)18V, 3.0Ah$$$

Black & Decker BDEJS4C Jig Saw 4 Amp with BLACK+DECKER 75-626 Assorted Jigsaw Blades Set Wood and Metal 24-Pack4 Amp$$

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw - 120V Low-Vibration, 7.0-Amp Variable Speed For Smooth Cutting Up To 5-7/8" Inch on Wood, 3/8" Inch on Steel For Countertop, Woodworking120V, 7.0-Amp$$$

Finally, all those people who enjoy working comfortably are in the right place. In this case, we have also taken into consideration the best handheld jigsaw. Of course, the great convenience of each tool provides the highest quality result. Let’s see then, the best features of each of these jigsaws.

1. Dewalt 20V Max XR Jigsaw

In a lot of projects, this jigsaw can be used in a very simple way. This tool combines excellent uptime with a high-performance brushless motor. At the same time, the compact size allows for excellent control and easy grip. Additionally, this tool can provide all the reliability that only Dewalt tools can provide.

For working in dimly lit environments the bright LED light provides excellent work. The variable speed dial and trigger allow any user to work comfortably. Also, the user can change the blade without the need for a wrench. So it is a tool that can be adapted to any user’s needs.

Pros & Cons of Dewalt 20V Max XR Jigsaw

Pros of Dewalt 20V

  • Built-in LED light
  • Keyless blade change
  • Excellent comfortable control

Cons of Dewalt 20V

  • Regular use time

2. Black + Decker Jigsaw

Another of today’s highly reliable options is this jigsaw that includes the smart selection. There are four customizable settings to adjust the saw’s orbit. Along with that, the variable speed motor and excellent technology offer 5 amps of power. That is why the cutting potential of this tool is very high.

Also, an adjustable shoe is included for stability and the possibility of 45° bevel cuts. The dust blower and the new and improved wire guard make work much easier. Finally, changing the blade requires no tools or wrenches, which reduces labor time. Finally, we should mention that many users have trusted this manufacturer for many years.

Pros & Cons of Black + Decker Jigsaw

Pros of Black + Decker

  • Dust blower
  • Variable speed motor
  • Wide saw orbit adjustment

Cons of Black + Decker

  • Regular grip handle

3. Makita XVJ03

In principle here an excellent variable speed motor has been incorporated that can offer up to 2600 SPM. Of course, this is one of the best features for those who want efficient, clean, and fast cutting. Additionally, the three orbital configurations can be adapted to a wide variety of projects for any user.

To top it off, this is another jigsaw that requires no tools or wrenches for blade changes. Of course, this provides added convenience while working. Also, the variable speed trigger allows you to choose the most appropriate speed. You even get a smooth cut thanks to the heavy-gauge precision-machined base. Undoubtedly, another top choice.

Pros & Cons of Makita XVJ03

Pros of Makita XVJ03

  • Excellent variable speed
  • Orbital configurations
  • Large trigger and ease of use

Cons of Makita XVJ03

  • Regular run time

4. Black + Decker Jigsaw BDEJS4C

In this case, it is another of this manufacturer’s great tools that includes a 4 amp variable speed motor. So, the variable speed dial allows you to choose the precise operation for each job. Along with that, the orbital blade action is one of the best designed compared to other jigsaws.

Bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees are also possible with the tiltable base plate. Moreover, this is a very convenient way to use a jigsaw that includes a hex wrench, a vacuum adapter, and a blade for cutting wood. In this case, this jigsaw requires a power supply to be used. Another reliable option from Black + Decker.

Pros & Cons of Black + Decker Jigsaw BDEJS4C

Pros of BDEJS4C

  • 4 amp motor
  • Ideal for bevel cuts up to 45°.
  • High-quality tool

Cons of BDEJS4C

  • Non-cordless tool

5. Bosch Power Tools Jigsaws

Lastly and very importantly, this jigsaw has been manufactured by another one of the reliable manufacturers of these times. In this case, it is a 7 amp variable speed motor that can offer smooth and efficient cuts. At the same time, the tool-less blade change system offers simple operation that decreases work time.

The variable speed dial allows you to choose the right speed for each type of project. Along with this, the grip handle together with the trigger is very easy and comfortable to use at all times. In turn, the ambidextrous locking knob for stability and comfort is excellent for right or left-handed users. Without a doubt, a great investment for DIY projects.

Pros & Cons of Bosch Power Tools Jigsaws

Pros of Bosch Jigsaw

  • 7-amp variable speed motor
  • Low vibration and high control design
  • Ambidextrous locking button for stability

Cons of Bosch Jigsaw

  • Non-wireless tool

Buying Guide

The following aspects will enable you to purchase the right jigsaw for your needs.

Amperage: Amperage relates exactly to the resistance and power of the tool. So, a jigsaw is much more convenient as the amperage gets higher and higher. The most convenient options have amperage between 6 and 7 amps.

Speed: Speed is the main factor when making various woodcuts on a project. The best options can reach up to 3000 or 4000 SPM. In turn, a good tool should include different speeds to suit different projects.

Power supply: On the one hand, you can find a corded electric saw that requires an electrical outlet to operate. This provides unlimited usage time and limited movement. On the other hand, there are also cordless options that offer ample freedom of movement and limited usage time.

Dust handling: In some instances, a dust collection or dust removal system may be included. Working with the jigsaw can always generate dust. So, having a tool that includes this feature allows for cleaner work.

Blade change system: Simply put, the most efficient blade change system requires no tools or wrenches to change the blade. This significantly reduces working time and provides greater comfort when working.

Final Verdicts

Once you find the best jigsaw you will have the perfect possibility to accomplish many DIY type projects. These jigsaws require a very little budget and offer a wide versatility of use. With which, you will have the possibility to complement your current DIY workshop with this simple tool.



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