5 Best Wheelbarrow Reviews for Gardening with Buying Guide

You want the best wheelbarrow is evident enough that you want a garden cart around your home – garden and lawn. Whenever and if you can end up buying the solid wheelbarrow, you are half done at the shopping.

But the real challenge lies in the fact that you can very easily go overwhelmed at the staggering number of wheelbarrows in the market. Here comes this article for your real rescue when you are in a real dilemma.

We have shortlisted the top 5 wheelbarrows after putting numerous wheelbarrows into the test. Articles across the web and videos on this technical niche have helped us significantly to cut down on these 5 top quality products. You can go for any one of the five to get your purposefully served.

Best Wheelbarrows in 2022

RankImageProduct NameCapacityPrice
WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly + Attachable Wagon Kit
WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly + Attachable Wagon Kit300 lbs$$$
Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green
Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green300 lbs$$
Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart
Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart300 lbs$$$
Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart/Ground Load Wheelbarrow, Lightweight with 350 lbs Capacity, Ultra-Thick Vinyl-Coated Nylon, Large 12.5
Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart/Ground Load Wheelbarrow, Lightweight with 350 lbs Capacity, Ultra-Thick Vinyl-Coated Nylon, Large 12.5" Pneumatic Tire350 lbs$$$
Landworks Utility Cart Hand Truck Power Wagon Super Duty Electric 48V DC 500W AGM Battery Max 500Lbs Load and 1000Lbs Hauling
Landworks Utility Cart Hand Truck Power Wagon Super Duty Electric 48V DC 500W AGM Battery Max 500Lbs Load and 1000Lbs Hauling500Lbs$$$

But still, we have shared a buying guide advising on what are the crucial matters you should cross-check. Rest assured that if you have one of the wheelbarrows covered in this article, you can make your day.

1. WORX Aerocart WA0228 Wagon Kit – All Purpose WheelBarrow

The stand-out feature of the crowning wheelbarrow is its state of the art engineering and all-steel construction. The high-end engineering in conjunction with the premium steel build-up has resulted in the mighty Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow. Primarily for this, WorX Aerocart has immediately created a craze in the industry and there are more to follow.

Then comes the wheels, ready to move at unpacking, that are nearly maintenance-free and run without inflating. And the style and striking design they are featured with just adds to the beauty of your garden or lawn.

Having covered design, material, and construction, let’s shed light on its load hauling capacity. The spacious cart belly can hold 300lbs of stuff to move around your garden with ease. But when loaded with lesser than that the hauling will seem a breeze. Therefore, beginner or veteran with back pain finds it convenient to op for this.

If you have to carry a huge load up to 400 lbs or a little more, Worx Aerocart will not fail you thanks to the extension arms that can take 80 lbs of load.

On the flip side, a wheelbarrow with two wheels will create an issue to pass through the narrow garden passage. To add to the drawbacks, the height of the wheelbarrow is no match for taller people. Despite these, when the question is of a load carrier for gardening Worx aero cart is the best product.

Main Features of WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow:

  • All steel build-up and sturdy material
  • Detachable extended arms to improve the load capacity
  • High-end and maintenance-free tires
  • Convert to almost any form of carrying cart
  • Rocks and bricks move to rest on this two-wheeler
  • Two wheels for balanced weight distribution
  • Attachments deal with dirt and leave removing

Pros & Cons of WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow WA0228

Pros of WORX WA0228

  • Can handle up to 400lbs of load including rocks and bricks
  • Versatile in performance and format
  • Tool-free maintenance and work
  • Additional arms for cleaning dirt

Cons of WORX WA0228

  • Will create hassle in narrow passages and corner turns

2. Marathon 2-Wheel Residential Wheelbarrow – Best for Casual Gardening

If you are under a budget constraint, you can still afford a quality wheelbarrow to serve your gardening or lawn cultivation. Marathon Dual-wheel is a low budget but medium performance wheelbarrow that will excel in accomplishing jobs around your residence. Featured with a loop handle, the pulling, and pushing of the cart is an easy job along with the dumping of the stuff. Thus, backed by the sturdy construction and rust-protected poly tray to accommodate 5 cubic-feet of load, it can well claim to be one of the best wheelbarrows.

The wonder is that you can use it both as a residential and construction work garden cart. The fact that it has won the love of the users is because of the design and the fruits are the ease of use and functionality. Moreover, the assembly is a breeze that has made it the best choice for non-commercial users.

It is sturdy, durable but comparatively lightweight and beginners find it very convenient to handle it. Weighing simply 29 lbs is 1/4th of a standard wheelbarrow. On top of all these, the 2-wheel cart features air-filled tires and lifting has become fun now. And the weight distribution is well addressed resting on the two inflated wheels.

Main Features of Marathon Wheelbarrow:

  • Lightweight and durable two-wheel cart
  • Ergonomic design resulting in easy lifting and hauling
  • 300 lbs of load-hauling capacity to suffice residential use and help commercial task
  • Air-filled tires to move at unwrapping
  • Low weight and loop handle to store conveniently while not in use
  • Balanced and maneuverable

Pros & Cons of Marathon Wheelbarrow

Pros of Yard Rover

  • Versatile carrier and easy to lift
  • Well designed, flat-free, wheels
  • Well-distributed load over the tray
  • Less likely to tip over
  • Corrosion-free and requires less maintenance

Cons of Yard Rover

  • Not meant for regular heavyweight logs and rocks
  • Color may fade over long time use

3. Garden Star 70019 Budget Wheelbarrow – Dual Wheel Garden Cart

It is a star when the question is of dealing with garden wastes, mud, mulch, and even sand. If you limit your wheelbarrow’s duty up to the said task, Garden Star will make you several ends meet – price, quality, and performance. Worrying about durability and stability? You shouldn’t at all as Garden star is no way to opt for low-quality material. It comes featured with a poly bed, all-steel handle, and quality wheels.

To tell about the storage, the tray features 8″depth, 26.75″ length, and 25.5″ width able to hold 150 lb – 250 lb of loads. Sufficient load-hauling capacity for garden and lawn. The compact size is fun when weeding, cutting grass, or clipping leaves as you have to take it from place to place.

Garden Star is too easy in assembling and merely six bolts will make the wheelbarrow ready to move.

Now, let me break other common wheelbarrow features down. To start with, the two air-filled tires will give you a 90% maintenance-free load-hauling service. Along the same line comes the loop handle for which dumping will be just eased. Moreover, the height up to the handle is 27″ and so it evident that people of medium height and women will find the cart extremely maneuverable and balanced.

This the perfect garden cart for any small-medium projects.

Main Features of Garden Star 70019 Wheelbarrow:

  • Four cubic foot of load space for hauling gardening wastes and essence
  • The minimalistic design and sturdy materials
  • Air-filled tires for maintenance-free transportation
  • High-end construction and nice balance in hauling
  • 150-250 lbs of load capacity
  • Compact, lightweight, and reliable

Pros & Cons of Garden Star 70019

Pros of Garden Star 70019

  • Perfect for moderate gardening
  • Perfect for gardeners with arthritis
  • Convenient for easy load and dump
  • Comfort to roam with it around the residential space
  • Budget-friendly cart offer to accomplish mediocre tasks

Cons of Garden Star 70019

  • Lack of crucial framing
  • Doesn’t have the lock-unlock mechanism to release dirt

4. Allsop Home & Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart – Foldable Garden Cart

Allsop is a folding wheelbarrow with a different look if not particularly inspiring curiosity about how it works. To your surprise, it works great for a residential wheelbarrow. The type of performance is suitable to be tagged as e yard cart rather than a garden cart. The great convenience that lies here is that you don’t have to lift rocks, graves, or whatever waste you want to transport thanks to the collapsible nylon canvas carrying bed. The ultra-thick fabric canvas lies flat on the ground to load easily and then drag instantly. Know the load-hauling capacity of this canvas storage? It is up to 350lbs pretty enough for a garden or yard cart.

This flexible canvas surface is ably supported by a gauge steel handle which also works as the collapsible frame body. Dragging becomes easier with the plastic grip the handle is featured with.

12.5″ large pneumatic large tires enable you to drag it over any surface around the garden.

Main Features:

  • Load bed collapses to ground level
  • Fabric canvas made from vinyl-coated and UV-protected nylon
  • Heavy handle made from gauge steel with plastic grip
  • 1 year of the limited warranty and US-based customer care
  • 15 lbs of weight and 300 lbs max load-hauling capacity

Pros & Cons of Allsop Home Garden Cart

Pros of Allsop Cart

  • Suitable for yard tasks
  • Lightweight but sustainable carrying bed
  • Reliable and durable backed by the nylon of industrial seams
  • Foamy grips for comfort carry
  • Affordable and intelligent design to
  • Fast assembly

Cons of Allsop Cart

  • Issues in fitting together of the components
  • Off-grease material and stinks

5. Landworks Hand Truck Power Utility Cart – Best for Heavy Weight

This is an all-electric utility cart boasted by a 48V Brushless motor run by a 7Ah AGM battery. The battery in conjunction with the motor can drag your load up a 15° upward slope. Landworks comes with a super load capacity of 500lbs. and the 6 cubics. ft can hold 1000lbs of load-hauling along the flat road.

The all-terrain 13″ Pneumatic wheels can run at the stipulated speed of 0-5km/h for 2-5 hours. The power loss is proportionate to the amount of load and the slope angle. You can accomplish all your gardening tasks with a fully charged battery

Landworks Utility Cart is eco-friendly and safe as it is not run on gasoline or other fuels that emit smog and create sound harsh for the ear. An all-purpose modular bag to be used as a flatbed. And the customer will enjoy a stress-free shopping of Landworks power garden cart.

Main Features:

  • 500lbs-1000lbs of load-hauling capacity
  • Have a long run of 2-3 hours at one full charge
  • Eco-friendly and free from harsh sound and smog
  • Sufficient forward and backward speed
  • Premium quality industry-grade battery
  • High capacity brushless motor to mount 15-degree slope

Pros & Cons of Landworks Utility Cart

Pros of Landworks Cart

  • All-terrain 13″ wheels to rule the track
  • Extremely powerful and efficient to provide you with superb wheelbarrow performance
  • Spillproof lead-acid battery
  • Safe and sound service
  • Reliable, durable, and mighty and worth the money

Cons of Landworks Cart

  • Can run for max 3 hours powered the battery

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow?

Like many other pristine devices introduced by China, the wheelbarrow is also a contribution to sharing the same origin.

The purpose they invented the wheelbarrow for has remained the same till date only modifications in features, designs, and constructions have taken place over time. These modifications have contributed to improving the performance and versatility of this transportation instrument and surpassed the limit of home to serve as transportation equipment in the field and construction sites.

Interestingly enough, this modernization of the equipment has made the selection of the right wheelbarrow for you a bit crucial. The purpose of the buying guide is to help you find the best wheelbarrow to accurately and efficiently make your day. There are several crucial points to consider before the final selection that includes the following.

Load Capacity

This is the most crucial thing you should anticipate first. What is the main purpose you require a wheelbarrow for? If it is the transportation of mud, rock, mulch, or anything else around home – lawn or garden, you may opt for the lowest capacity cart. Conversely, if your main concern is to use a cart for your construction site, you should go for the highest load capacity wheelbarrow. The max load capacity cart will serve the purpose of medium carrying capacity tasks that require while firming. Therefore, you must know your need well, and then only you can pick the right one.


Size refers to the storage space of the moving wagon. If you want to or may need to carry tree logs on it, you need the largest size for this purpose. Either way, you can solve this if you have a wheelbarrow with collapsible fencing. Removing collapsible fencing will provide you with space to carry objects of any and irregular size. But it is common sense that a bigger size wheelbarrow comes with higher load capacity.


Construction is a broader term for a wheelbarrow that breaks into the feature, design, and material. Feature refers to the handle and grip whereas design stands for the collapsible or non-collapsible wall around the storage bed.

So far as materials are concerned; wheelbarrows are constructed of two materials- metal or plastic. If your target job is to perform low load-hauling, you can use plastic and steel for high load. You should keep in mind that plastic may break if exposed to higher load hauling and steel wheelbarrows tend to grow rust rapidly.

Wheelbarrow Tires

The materials of tires are a crucial consideration and you have two options to go for in this regard. They are two types of wheelbarrow tires – pneumatic and solid. Pneumatic tires can move on any terrain but on the flip side they tend to puncture at the encounter of sharp objects. To your utter joy, you can buy puncture-proof tires now.

On the contrary, solid tires won’t puncture but they will not move on all terrains. They will get stuck at rough tracks.

Number of Wheels

Wheelbarrows can be of single-wheel or dual-wheel. The single wheel carts are easy to move whereas the dual wheel ones require a bit more effort and energy to roll. Moreover, the two-wheel wheelbarrows are stable to move on with.

These are considerations that must not escape your rigorous scrutiny while purchasing a wheelbarrow. Whether you make the deal online or from a physical store cross-checking the price a must. Thus you can reach the best value wheelbarrow matching your budget and need.


Whatever your requirement is a transportation cart for your gardening task or your lawn area is the best option. And as is accurately said in the buying guide, you should find the one that has the load capacity, matching material, intelligent design (collapsible sides), and modern features (handles). The wheelbarrows highlighted above will last long and provide you with great and varied functionalities.

Given the daily use of the instrument, we have emphasized the quality of both the material and construction. Therefore, these top 5 best wheelbarrows are the fit you are after either as a residential user or construction worker. Here are the best friends for the gardeners, pick your one from the group of five.

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