8 Best Garden Carts – Buying Guide, Reviews and Recommendations

Whatever task you want a garden cart for, it must carry loads – heavier or lighter. Therefore, you need the best garden cart to get your purpose served to the fullest. Sophistication in technology has made gardening, lawn cultivation, firming, and carrying huge objects now a breeze as you now have multi-purpose carts in place of the traditional wheelbarrows. But the same technological advance has made the right selection of the product an arduous task as the market is full of compromised products.

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Best Garden Carts in 2022

RankImageProduct NameLoad CapacityPrice
WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly + Attachable Wagon Kit
WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly + Attachable Wagon Kit300 lbs$$$
Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart | 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1200 lbs capacity | GOR6PS model
Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart | 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1200 lbs capacity | GOR6PS model1200 lbs$$$
Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Collapsible Utility Big Wheels Shopping Cart for Beach Outdoor Camping Garden All Terrain, Heavy Duty Portable Grocery Cart with Side Bag, Cup Holders
Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Collapsible Utility Big Wheels Shopping Cart for Beach Outdoor Camping Garden All Terrain, Heavy Duty Portable Grocery Cart with Side Bag, Cup Holders150lbs$$$
Polar Trailer #8262 HD 1500 TA, 98
Polar Trailer #8262 HD 1500 TA, 98" x 54" X 31" Heavy-Duty Trailer1500 lbs$$$
Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 3.25-Cubic Foot Roughneck Lawn Cart Pallet, Platinum
Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 3.25-Cubic Foot Roughneck Lawn Cart Pallet, Platinum200 lbs$$$
Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy Duty Big Wheel Cart, 700 lbs. Capacity, Black, FG564210BLA
Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy Duty Big Wheel Cart, 700 lbs. Capacity, Black, FG564210BLA700 lbs$$$
Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides and 13
Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides and 13" Tires, 1200-lbs. Capacity, Yellow1200 lbs$$$
Sekey Folding Wagon Cart Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon Garden Shopping Cart Beach Wagon with All-Terrain Wheels, 176 Pound Capacity, Red
Sekey Folding Wagon Cart Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon Garden Shopping Cart Beach Wagon with All-Terrain Wheels, 176 Pound Capacity, Red176 lbs$$$

We have watched thousands of videos, gone through numerous articles across the web, and stopped by customer reviews wherever we have come across a host of those or even a single one. Ultimately, we have been able to shortlist these top-notch quality carts that we can call the 8 best garden carts. You will just need to know which one fits your target job. Not to worry, our buying guide will direct you towards the product you need to get your job well done.

1. WORX Aerocart – All Purpose Garden Cart

You will be the lucky owner of a multifunction garden cart if you opt for the WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow. You can come across the versatility of WORX Aerocart when you use it for one full season. The garden cart will magically keep transforming from a wheelbarrow to a yard cart, plant mover, rock mover, cylinder carrier, trailer, and dolly. And the instant conversion is a great convenience besides the performance that will give you the feel of zephyr while working with.

To tell about the capacity, this wonder cart, converted to a trailer-tote, is credited to have the ability to move the boat, motorbike, and other trailers. But the moving will be limited to the driveway and yard.

Powder-coated steel gives it the sturdiness to bear with the load it carries. This is a perfect homeowner wheel barrel to accomplish all jobs weighing up to 300 lb. But this hauling capacity will fall too short for the construction works while standing perfect for the household tasks.

To add to the versatility, it will conveniently carry objects like a cylinder, big rock, big pot, trailers, and more what the traditional garden carts may find too irregular to tackle with ease.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • Highly efficient and versatile moving carts
  • Easy to carry design adjusting central gravity
  • Heavy-duty material and construction
  • Additional sitting position and resting spot
  • Oversized and flat-free tires

Pros & Cons of WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow

Pros of WORX Aerocart

  • Tires require zero maintenance
  • Rapid conversion into multi-carry modes
  • Added comfort for the included seat to sit and rest
  • Lighter and easy move around
  • Tool-free attachment
  • Dual wheels for added stability

Cons of WORX Aerocart

  • Too small to fit for construction works
  • Taller individuals find it troublesome
  • Difficult to move along the rough track for Solid tires

2. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS – Best for Heavy Weight Lifting

The stand-out features of Gorilla GOR6PS carts are its giant load-hauling capacity and the quick dumping design. The heavy-duty construction backed by the top quality material has enabled the cart to carry up to 1200 lbs of load. Therefore, whether you are a weekend hobbyist to take care of your gardens or a construction professional, this cart will superbly be at your humble service meeting all your purpose.

The convertible handle of the Gorilla Carts is another stick-out feature that you can easily pull with a bare hand or you can get the handle towed with a lawn tractor and ATV. Certainly, a convenience to grab at once. Isn’t it?

More in the offer, the cart will enjoy an added lifetime featured with a rustproof poly bed and sturdy steel frame. The innovative frame design guarantees easy assembly and the patented dumping system allows a tight turning radius to load and unload stuff quicker. To add more about the frame, it will provide you with improved maneuverability and the needed rigidity to exercise sufficient control.

Top-notch pneumatic tires are big enough to move along any terrain while loaded with dirt, plants, and gravel.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • 2-in-1 convertible handle
  • Patented quick-release dumping technology
  • Maintenance-free and easy-to-clean poly bed
  • 13″ pneumatic tires
  • Overall dimensions: 40″L*25″W*26.2H
  • Heavy-duty steel material and weighs 60 lbs

Pros & Cons of Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty GOR6PS

Pros of GOR6PS

  • Versatile, durable, and useful
  • Well worth the price
  • A heavy-duty alternative to wheelbarrow backed by the 4 wheels
  • Maintenance-free poly bed
  • Fit for the light-duty homeowner and commercial-duty professional

Cons of GOR6PS

  • Too heavy for lighter household use but to no real inconvenience
  • Not alert customer service

3. Timber Ridge Fold Camping Cart – Best Foldable Garden Cart

Now, we have a Folding garden cart that folds up and opens easily saving your time and effort. TimberRidge is a beach and garden cart that comes featured with a still frame covered by premium-grade heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric.

They are home-only and beach-specific carts with a low load-hauling capacity – 150lbs on solid ground and 110lbs on the sandy beach. The convenience lies elsewhere thanks to the collapsible frame does not take long to fall and spread at the mere push of the bottom.

And transportation is a near-breeze comfort as your goods and gears move from one place to another without the least hassle. If you are tense about whether the fabric will stand up against the wear and tear, you can go for it without the least hesitation. Why so? Because the new one comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty that may cover unexpected broke and damage of your cart so long the maiden year is not up.

The stable construction and comfortable design are in tune with the large wheels to move on any terrain with ease thanks to the telescopic handle offering control. And the dimensions to bag a huge amount of outdoor wear and gears.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • Sturdy and collapsible steel frame
  • Max 150lbs weight capacity perfect for beach/garden hauling
  • Durable 600D polyester fabrics
  • Telescopic handle
  • Open dimensions: 35″*18″*37″

Pros & Cons of Timber Ridge Fold Camping Cart

Pros of TimberRidge Cart

  • Comfort carry with a sturdy frame and durable fabrics
  • Sufficient load capacity for garden/beach necessity
  • Convenient grip for more control and maneuverability
  • Large dimensions and large wheel are a superb match

Cons of TimberRidge Cart

  • Not meant for heavier load
  • Fabrics no match for steel as the material

4. Polar Trailer 8262 Cart – Best Durable Garden Cart

Polar Trailer comes backed by the two stand-apart features – the state of the art engineering and the sturdy material. In line with them, the fabulous load-hauling capacity of 1500 lbs gives the message loud and clear that this is a match for any heavy-duty tasks. The functions of the Polar Trailer range lawn, garden, and field works. Even the commercial-duty professionals will find their hauling answers rightly placed with Polar Axle cart at their disposal. It has created a craze among the users since its inception by its all quality elements, reliability, and flexibility.

You need a well-built and sturdy cart to haul a huge load and dump them at the destination with that. And Polar Trailer is superior to the rivals in terms of functionality, capacity, durability, strength, and versatility.

This is the best drum truck thanks to the essential steel frame providing the cart with the required stability. The stability makes it handle 1500 lbs of load smoothly on any terrain. You cannot but credit the range of specifications – sizes, colors, and designs. Therefore, if you love gardening and you have a farm that you work diligently on, you should love the trailer under talk.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • 1500 lbs of load capacity & 22 cubic ft of load size
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • High-impact body made out of polyethylene
  • Rugged and heavy tires accompanied by road bearings
  • Tipper latch intended for quick release

Pros & Cons of Polar Trailer 8262

Pros of Polar Trailer 8262

  • Fit for multiple applications
  • Highly beneficial for a large garden and massive farm
  • Offers extreme durability and flex
  • Works efficiently even on an uneven and unstable surface

Cons of Polar Trailer 8262

  • The only concern is the high-end price but the high-end features compensate for the expense.

5. Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 – Beige Lawn Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial cart comes with a mid-level load-hauling capacity if considering from the lawn and garden cart grade capacity. You can load up to 200lbs of load sized from 3.25-4.5 cubic foot storage space.

This is a two-wheeled cart providing various modes of transportations that include all the applications revolving around your lawn and yard. If you limit up to only the light-duty functions, Rubbermaid will just excel.

The cart is ready to move along with you just when out of the box and perfectly accompany you while clipping grass and leaves. Besides, yard debris and household trashes will find convenient transportation with this lawn cart. The fixed two wheels will provide you with rigidity and control at loading and dumping and they are big enough to roll over easily around the garden and lawn.

The handle is long enough to maneuver it comfortably I mean pull and push is fun now. Rubbermaid moves quite freely across the lawn. You are having all that at an affordable price without digging deep into your wallet.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • Fixed wheels for max control and maneuverability
  • Handle included with mold-in tool and beverage container
  • Dump trailer offering 3.25-4.5 ft level capacity
  • Load hauling capacity around 200 lbs
  • Dimensions & Weight: 4″*4″*7.5″ and 14.66 lbs

Pros & Cons of Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907

Pros of FG370712907

  • Great for lighter works
  • Handy, durable, sturdy, and comfortable
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Best for remodel

Cons of FG370712907

  • Too low handle to cause backpain
  • May break into pieces at a little overloading

6. Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart – Heavy Duty Cart

The second Rubbermaid Commercial Product in our reviews on the garden cart is a wonder wheel-cart. To cope with the reputation of the brand, they implement innovation in the cart as well. Moreover, this heavy-duty garden cart stands for the solution-based tools and devices CRP is known for.

The high-density polyethylene and the seamless design make this Rubbermaid heavy-duty big-wheel cart stand apart. The polyethylene will scarcely crack at use if not in abuse. With the giant load capacity of 700 lbs, it can excel in heavier commercial use while lawn and firm work will be a breeze for it. In line with the huge load capacity and sturdy material, the big wheel will keep rolling the dump truck on rough and even terrains.

The cart can store loads up to 7.5 ft and so wood logs along with the concrete slabs will accommodate it conveniently.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • Durable, reliable dump truck
  • Built of HDPE
  • Weight and dimensions: 26″*58″*40-1/4″ & 54.9 lbs
  • Standard size wheels
  • Huge load-hauling capacity – 700 lbs

Pros & Cons of Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart

Pros of FG564210BLA

  • Extremely stable and strong to bear load hauling
  • Compatible handle height for easy push & pull
  • Top-quality construction
  • Can carry water without absorbing
  • Great wheels to navigate through rough surfaces

Cons FG564210BLA

  • Wheels spokes made of flimsy plastic snapping easily
  • Need to lift the entire weight to dump completely

7. Gorilla Carts – Heavy Duty Steel Utility Cart

The trademark Gorilla cart feature is its remarkable 2-in-1 handle that makes pushing and pulling fun while done manually. Moreover, it can conveniently be towed to the machine while the load is heavier enough for the human hand.

You will enjoy the extra versatility when carrying frequently and in large amounts thanks to the removable sides and the bed liner. The sturdy and durable steel mesh bed will hold as heavy as 1200 lbs of loads making it a grabbing product for commercial-duty professional jobs – construction and factory.

The frame design and overall construction are what make it a stand-out product for you it has made assembly easier and functioning more maneuverable and rigid.

13″ pneumatic tires are maintenance-free and easy to clean and keep the cart rolling brilliantly over rough and even terrain.

Having this Gorilla cart around you means you can handle lawn and garden tasks to firm and construction site applications with ease. And the 1-year warranty is just great and you can work anxiety-free.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • Removable steel sides with
  • Heavy-duty material & construction
  • Convertible 2-in-1 handle
  • Easy assembly and steel-mesh bed
  • Added maneuverability and reliability
  • Top-notch wheels
  • 1-year limited warranty

Pros & Cons of Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart

Pros of Gorilla Carts

  • For added maneuverability and control
  • Quality construction and intelligent design for hauling larger materials around the garden with ease
  • Strong and durable to stand up abuse and built to last

Cons of Gorilla Carts

  • Nice but a huge wagon for household use – lawn & garden
  • Smelly tires and flimsy plastic mat which can be kept away though

8. Sekey Folding Wagon Cart – Best Foldable Cart

Sekey Folding is rather a trip cart than something to haul loads around the lawn, farm, and garden. It is a utility cart best suited to be a beach wagon, shopping grocery, outdoor sporting carrier, and more. The multipurpose use is the stand-apart feature that rates it atop the rivals. This consideration is nothing to miss.

Yes, the 250 lbs load capacity further reminds us of the type and purpose of the cart. Though it is not a pie for heavy-duty construction and factory work, it is the best fit for utility hauling tasks. The durable fabric builds a sturdy fence around the loaded goods. To your awareness, this double-layered oxford fabric is detachable and easy to maintain and keep clean.

You can set it up in seconds without the least assembly and what is more convenient than that thanks to the compactness as you can store it in the car trunk.

The adjustable handle will give you an improved carry comfort and the all-terrain wheels backed by larger size PU tires will move smoother over any and every surface.

To the upside, tires designed with bearings rotate at 360° to reign on the terrains, especially for beach and airport. To keep you energized and hydrated, two mesh cup-holders store beverages secured for you to reach will and when needed. By the same line, the 2-year warranty statement is a top-notch offer to go for it.

Root Features at a Glance:

  • Large capacity & multipurpose wagon
  • Easy installation and compact storage
  • Adjustable handle for improved control and comfort
  • All-terrain wheels for all-ground moving
  • 2-year warranty statement

Pros & Cons of Sekey Folding Wagon Cart

Pros of Sekey Cart

  • Perfect for small trips and family outings
  • Removable and easy-clean fabric
  • Set up at seconds and compact to stow in the car trunk
  • Swivel wheel to move smoothly on all terrains
  • Roomy and easy transportation

Cons of Sekey Cart

  • The handle slides to create discomfort while moving

Buying Guide

A garden cart or lawn cart is something that makes shifting or moving bulky, heavy, and irregular shaped items easier. To your utter amusement, they have numerous applications that include gardening, firming, shopping, construction sites, and more. Depending on the purposes, materials, and constructions they can be affordable to costly what homeowners to professional landscape enthusiasts are badly in need of.

Whether you want it for home use or commercial-duty heavier jobs, there are myriads of options in the market to challenge you when you want to come out with the right product you need. But this buying guide aims to equip you with the information so that you can single out the best product matching your requirements.

When do you need a garden cart?

To be specific, if you have something to move or shift that is troublesome to accomplish with the bare hand, you need the help of a garden cart. Therefore, they have received different names coming from the purpose they are used for. You can use a cart to carry mud, fertilizer bags, water cylinder, rock, and lots of woods.

Conversely, a utility wagon may help you carry goods while camping and staying by the seashore in a short trip that may need you pushing the cart over sandy tracks. There are lighter-weight versions of carts that can be used for hauling groceries both in-home and departmental stores. Therefore, you may need one for what not and when not.

Types of Garden Cart

Once it was only the wheelbarrow type a carrier on two or four wheels without any space to sit on. Later on, a moving cart with a seat appears in the market and commonly gets identified as the lawn cart. As days have gone by, these carts to have brought sophistication in them and now we can buy multi-purpose cart in the market. To amaze you, the modern multi-purpose cart can be converted to a wheelbarrow to move without sitting and a lawn cart to move seated on it. The cart with a sitting option is a preferable option for the one suffering from back and knee issues.

Inter-related Considerations: Capacity, Materials, Construction, and Tires

The prime considerations are the load-hauling capacity, material, and construction. Whereas the load capacity may vary as per the need, the material and construction must be premium-grade as the cart with lower load capacity means to deal with hundreds of pounds.

The size and material of the wheel is something to consider seriously. The bigger size wheels will get you going on any terrain and the material determines whether the tires will be maintenance-free or not. Two very common materials for cartwheels include plastic and pneumatic rubber- the latter one preferred for heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, the load capacity, material, and build of the cart are inter-related and deserve task-specific consideration.


You have landed on the concluding part of the article is evident that you already are well aware of all the factors needed to reach the right garden cart. Even though all the 8 carts we have finalized for our top 8 best garden carts considering every crucial point, you have a certain responsibility to single out your best garden cart. They include premium carts made of different premium materials, wheels of different diameters and elements, and varied designs. Moreover, several types in the cart require your scrutiny to make the deal and reap the benefits.

Make your arduous job of load-hauling fun with any of the garden carts covered here.

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